IP RIGHTS AND DIGITAL CONTENT: How to avoid Copyright Infringement


There are always two sides of the coin. In this case, we have the creators of content and the users of this content. Most of this content is created with the purpose of monetary gain, but where it is not, it is still protected. Not everyone who uses this content is out to make a name for themselves or out to make money from someone else’s hard work. So not everyone is out to plagiarise or to infringe on a creator’s copyright. (more…)

Defamation and its time limitations

The life of a Legal Assistant is interesting. My research today was defamation. Suffice to say I was not looking at the usual. Actually I am usually not looking for the elements in principles of law. I seem to have the luck or misfortune of landing matters that aren’t so typical or usual. So I have to look beyond the normal elements. Consequently, if you are here looking for a lesson in law, sorry but you are in the wrong place. (more…)

Friday Night: One Woman’s Story


Nairobi at Night Mutua Matheka

I like to leave the office at 5.00, but I usually leave at 6.00, or maybe 6.30. Not today. It’s 6.00 p.m., and my boss needs me to go for a meeting. I have no idea what time this meeting will end. I call my baby and tell her I’ll be late. She says it’s okay. She’s at the salon, and it’s her day to cook.

I walk into the client’s office. They have a beautiful architectural model for a new housing complex. It has a swimming pool, shopping malls, and a penthouse full of palm trees. I ask my boss if he’ll ever pay me enough to buy a palm tree. He laughs and tells me my dreams are valid.

We’re in the boardroom, talking to our clients. I’ve decided to be quiet in this meeting, because at the last meeting, I came off as a little too aggressive…

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By Njeri Macharia

The headline “Safaricom reaches Sh. 15.5m settlement with musician” didn’t quite capture what the company was paying for on 6th May, 2014. The crime was Copyright Infringement of JB Maina’s 10 songs in Safaricom’s “Skiza tunes” without the musician’s permission. Another prominent case involved radio personality Caroline Mutoko who lifted, word for word and with no acknowledgement, a blog post from Crunk Feminist Collective for her weekly column in the Star Newspaper. (more…)